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Besides traditional "Savoie specialities", food lovers will appreciate "beautiful starter" : Home made "Foie Gras" , raw ham and warm goat's cheese, Home made vegetable soup of the day, copious salads, an originality : regional escargots in "croquilles" crusty shells.

Of course, you have to taste the best specialities of the region : Savoyard cheese fondue, tomatoes cheese fondue, Savoyard cheese fondue with morel mushrooms, Savoyard cheese fondue with porcini mushrooms, raclette, "tartiflette", and the chef propose you his always inventive cooking with the famous "poelée savoyarde" for a very original lunch.

Discover the specialities of le Caveau : Stone braised beef, mixed pierrade, beef fondue, bacchus fondue (with wine) and a new meal : prime beef filet and vegetables skewers grilled and suspended above your table.

You have also to taste a large choice of quality grilled meat, prime beef filet, roast rock of lamb, duck filet. We propose you equally sautéed scallops or fresh tagliatelle with tomatoes and basil, with morels or with "foie gras", or the gastronomic menu ; four choice of main course for the children's menu and a dry or fresh cheese assortment.

"The Caveau Sweet Corner" will end you meal, you will savour a large choice of deserts : homemade pastry, succulent chief chocolate or caramel sauce, whipped cream, coulis of fruits, mixed fresh fruits, "crèmes brûlées" are prepared by the chief ; finally, sorbets and other frozen cups will crown a copious meal by a small glass of " Génépi " offered by the owner

Daily, for lunch, our chef will offer you the dish of the day Large tables are available for a meal in family or between friends.

we organize equally your Birthday : our Chief will prepare you on orders a cake of feast that will be served you in music and fire on order.

The Caveau Team wishes you a Happy Meal
in a Warm Atmospheret

For dinner, however, it is suggested that you reserve

"We welcome you here and hope you fell at Home !"


La Fondue Savoyarde aux 3 Fromages aux Cèpes : Cheese Fondue (minimum 2 person) served with a variety of dried meat, cold pork meats and green salad with walnuts.

The fondue is a Savoyard's and Suisse's specialties prepared with regional cheeses (Beaufort, Emmental, Comté)

La Raclette Valaisanne : this dish comes us from Valaisans's woodcutters, the smelted cheese is scraped and tasted accompanied by delicatessen, a variety of cold pork meats, baked Potatoes, and green salad with walnuts, condiments.

…and two original specialities: the "poêlée savoyarde" and the "brochettes géantes suspendues au plafond" .

Pané Savoyard : Half breaded Reblochon in a crumb crust, accompanied by charcuterie, salad and potato.

Bourguignon Fondue : Beef Fondue in oil, served with French fries, green salad and sauces.
Stone braised beef : Beef cooked on hot stone with a variety of sauces, French fries and salad.

Mixed Pierrade :
Beef, Duck and Turkey cooked on hot stone with a variety of sauces, French fries and green salad.

Gourmand's Pierrade : (Beef, filet of Duck, Turkey and Veau) on hot stone with sauces, French fries and green salad.

Duck on stone : Duck cooked on hot stone with a variety of sauces, French fries and green salad.


La Poêlée des Alpages : Typical Alpine dish prepared on you table : Onions, white wine and Reblochon cheese served with meats of "Grison", cured ham, jacket potatoes, green salad with walnuts, garnishes.


Prime beef filet and vegetables skewers grilled and suspended above your table, jacket potatoes served with sauces, salad.



Regional Snails in “Croquilles“(crusty shells)
Home made “Foie Gras” with fresh garden fig compote

Frying pan scallops
with saffron sauce and Rice
Tuna Steak and sesame granulates
with virgin sauce and vegetables
Prime beef filet
cooked with fresh “Foie Gras”

Cheese selection
White cheese
served with local blueberries
Choice of Dessert


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